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Steering wheel shaking at 45+ mph

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Like the topic says when i get up to about 45+ mph my steering wheel is shaking it does need an alignment but everything else looks good the rims are tight but when its gets to 45 mph it start to shake i cant figure out what it could be do you think an alignment will take care of the problem.

also running 45-50 psi in all 4 tires.
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Originally posted by Round2@Sep 7 2005, 04:28 PM~3771069
it does need an alignment

you just ansered your problem.

also when was the last time the tires got balanced?

and why do you have the tires at 45 - 50psi? you have hydros?
Naw no dros but ive always ran atleast 40 psi on my 13's but i like the way it rides with about 45 in them but yeah just had my tires balanced but ima give her an alignment and balance them agian thanks for the reply
check the ball joints and the tie rods for play
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