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Posting this up to help the homie Carlos find his 61 Impala vert!
It was stolen from the state of Arkansas
He has a $3000 reward for the person that finds it or has any info.
All of his info is on the pic below.
CLick the pic!
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Dam I hope you find the rest of your parts....

The homie got his cutlass jacked a month ago.. He wanting to know how to make it a sticky thread too..

Hit me back so I can tell him..
Still no word on the car!
That sucks people stealing cars!
Ask a moderator for the sticky note!
Hope you get a clue or something regarding the car.

Fucken wack ass ppl stealing shyt.
Yo Jimmy it's funny you're posting on this thread because you still owe me 3,500 for the 58 rag. I've been messaging you on here and Facebook ect ect and no response!? I called your number two months ago and some guy said it wasn't your number and I haven't heard from you since. I called to get info from you for the title. 7407034221. Call me or I'm coming to Jacksonville with the title and a cop and getting my car. $3500 stolen from me as far as I'm concerned...
This fool said he's calling the cops
We'll I stay in memphis I'll keep an eye out
It was probably that drunk boat captain tony parker holmes
It was probably that drunk boat captain tony parker holmes
simon ese, OG RIDER AKA TONY PARKER likes to steal 61 impalas. he got a life changing experience last time he tried taking one eseee
bump for carlos
we got you on the east coast, mi tio had his ranfla taken, 62' imp, taken from queens, ny, found in washington state almost a year later :eek:
Looking for a 65 impala SS to buy. Nothing all fixed up but it's gotta have straight body and decent interior
any word on the 61 yet
any word on the 61 yet
Haven't heard anything on it. I see the owner is posting up ads looking for it
I know how you feel. I got my 61 stolen. I got it back 3 years later though. You gotta do most the leg work cause cops dont give a shit. You'll take more precautions after you get your car stolen. Trust nobody that comes to your house asking to buy it or wanting to see what you got. Dont leave them in your garage while you go inside to grab something.
Looking for a impala 62-64 that's is complete or almost done. Have 18k cash in hand. California, send me some pics and prices. (310)654-8841 or email me [email protected]
My bad I was trying to post up on a different wall but I hope you guys find it bro.
21 - 40 of 45 Posts