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It's a charcoal for now. So far I've thought of like a rich, dark burgundy or for starters, midnight blue. There are sooo many Vics around where I live and I want mine to stand out the most. As far as rims go, for now it's sitting on 18 inch chrome 100-spoke wires. Also thought of black but it's too common and everyone keeps telling me how you'll be able to notice all the defects all over the body. But i really cannot decide, what color would u guys think this car would look good in?

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personally i love them rides with a sweet silver with like a blue pearl... but thats just me... any dark color you do will help magnify even the slightest flaws... but colors like silver, white, and lighter color shades will help to hide them..

i think the burgandy would look sweet though.. havent seen many of them in that color..
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