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sorry, my AIM kept crashing my machine so I deleted it. .... I'm cool tho - been busy workin' on that stretched 20incher. But I think it's gonna take some more months to complete due to lack of ca$h. Anyway - it's gonna be tight when finished. Meanwhile I'm painting that cruiser for my sister. Red, yellow and green flaked out - rastafarian style. ;) She just wanted something for daily cruizin' - nothin' special, so I just put a tank and some skirts on her old stepthrough mountainbike and repaint it. It's gonna get whitewalls, a cruiser handlebar and seat - that's it - but it's got tha style - maybe I put a Bob Marley or Desmond Dekker mural on it - dunno yet. ;)

what's up with you?


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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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