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when u wire a basic 4 switch ( F/B/S/S ) system,
when u hit a switch power is sent to the required valve, ( correct ? )

if u wire in more switches ( See-saw, all-up, all-down ) example.

when u switch all-up, 1 switch sends power to all-up solenoids, ( correct ?) which means that "all up" wires need, at some point to be joined then now when u hit left front up the power will find its way to all other up valves..

am i correct or am i missin somthin here?????

any help would be greatfully recieved


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ya, you could use diodes, but, IMO, kinda a PITA

I'm guessing you have 8 valves??

if thats the case..

pancake and seesaw are 12 prongs
fbss are 6 prongs
corners are 3 prongs
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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