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tapered sleeve bags

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iight, i know i know. i jump around on what kinda bags to put under the regal.
but after seeing the regal that mavriccustoms did! damn im blown away. it has 2500bags in the front and F9000 tapered sleeve bags in the back, the sleeves give it about 4 more inches of lift over the 2600 bag idea.
so is that set up all that bad? it looked like it could really move and i likes the way the ass was so high!
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i have that exact set up on my malibu and the 9000 and pretty decent. the 2500 suck though, not a lot of travel.
i think the ride could have been better though.
not sure, im running firestone 2500s and shocks up front, that might be it
thats what i did and being that mt tank is right above them it really is pretty fast.i had to drill out the hole on the mount to fit the bigger line and fitting. a limiting strap would be a good idea, i already toasted one bag messing around.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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