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tapered sleeve bags

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iight, i know i know. i jump around on what kinda bags to put under the regal.
but after seeing the regal that mavriccustoms did! damn im blown away. it has 2500bags in the front and F9000 tapered sleeve bags in the back, the sleeves give it about 4 more inches of lift over the 2600 bag idea.
so is that set up all that bad? it looked like it could really move and i likes the way the ass was so high!
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an F9000 mounted over the axle is going to ride better than a double convoluted 2500# bag. Two bags each capable of supporting 1500lbs at 100psi - that's 3000 lbs! Unless you're putting them on a 1 ton truck you'll be fine.

you have to use bump stops and limiting straps with the F9000's though. Straight from the Air Ride site "An external bumpstop and an extension stop (limiting strap or the shock absorber) MUST be used to prevent the airspring from exceeding the compressed or extended dimensions. If these dimensions are exceeded, severe damage to the airspring and possibly the vehicle will result.. " Don't have to do this with the double convoluted bags.

I'm not sure but I think the F9000's are ported for single 3/8" ports or something like that.

If you want specifics on Firestone bags or Air Ride products contact one of their sales persons.
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