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Tejano Super Car Show - Odessa, Tx.

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We are needing some hinas for this year's car show posters and booth model/representatives. If you or anybody you know would be interested and lives in the area, please contact me through this forum or through my e-mail---> [email protected] <--- Thanx in advance to those who can help out!

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Hmmm wonder how many models like to be referred to as HYNAS???
Anyway you need to contact Tony Valadez for models.
Or just come to Dallas.
Oh Yea this is why you should just come to Dallas....


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i can find you some
Originally posted by Synbad979@Sep 9 2005, 02:24 PM~3784307
Oh Yea this is why you should just come to Dallas....
some of them hynas are ugly ass hell homeboy
Tejano Super Car SHow 2006 DVD's available. Anyone interested? Only $20 and includes a bonus photo shoot at the end. Message me or give me a call.

[email protected]
(432) 352-1315
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