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Originally posted by CrazyCutlas@Aug 15 2005, 04:56 PM~3627648
hey all i am workin on it all i can hey timdog man we need to talk somthing out bout a frame too and some other things,.,,,.......and nikki yanno i love u and to keep james at bay i make him some and make u some too heheheh but tim hollor at me and i see what specs u might want unlike all the other peeps who make cyliders if i make anyone cyliders i will listen for a persona preference on what u would like but man i wish u all could see what kinda work i have on my plate as it is and i wnat to make u all the sweetest setup around and make the corp. look like the shit they are cause i am a regular wrokin guy like u all that want the best..........nikki find out bout if the front u are using i got u what ever ....and time hit me um we make a sweet deal ......heheeh keep up the positive post and ideas.....thanks

Yeah I have 2 frames to do now, but I would be ready to do another in a couple months. :biggrin: But I would like to get some of these telescopics from you. :biggrin: Side port would be the best. ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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