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Teloscopic VS standard

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hey if you use telescopic cyclinders would the sizes be the same just different lift height,for example,if you put 14's in, telecopic,room wise, is it the same ,or is there modifying that has to be done because of the extension,or could you put them in and they would fit but just lift higher.
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Telescopics are to gain more lift than you can achieve with the normal single stage cylinders. They're basically the same size, just dual stage cylinders. Only modifying you would have to do is to make sure you're car can safely lift as high as the cylinders are that you're putting in.
Originally posted by legacylac@Jan 13 2009, 07:36 PM~12695338
So if 14's fit on my car(Caillac) then the telescopics would fit, just the driveline and trailing arms would need modifying
Yup, pretty much to go big like 18,20,24" of lift you have to use them because there's no where for the cylinder to go with the car laid out besides up through the rear deck/window/roof
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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