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Teloscopic VS standard

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hey if you use telescopic cyclinders would the sizes be the same just different lift height,for example,if you put 14's in, telecopic,room wise, is it the same ,or is there modifying that has to be done because of the extension,or could you put them in and they would fit but just lift higher.
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Originally posted by AndrewH@Jan 15 2009, 12:57 PM~12712887
I would have 26" telescopics in my ride, but I'm not confident on a pair that wont leak from side moves and 3 wheeling. So I have 20" singles right now. As soon as I get some positive feedback on some telescopics that dont leak and are nice and strong, I'll be all over them.
mine leaked like a motherfucker... 22's... so i sent em back 2 blackmagic and they sent me a new set, so once summer arrives and i put them back in i'll let you all know
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