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The Science of Hydraulic Suspension

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To let those who are interested know,

I will be recieving my first completed hard copy of the book from my publisher in less than 8 days for my final aproval..

I've recieved numerous amount of pm's by interested people, who may be new to the forum or not sure if it was actually out yet...

The book should be availiable for x-mas 2003, (but that depends on the publisher, and thats why a lot of work must be done now)

To all of those last minuters who were thinking of the GREAT opportunity to advertise your business in a TECH book, heres your chance!!!!!!!!!!

Once I read this final copy and submit it, thats it, no more editing or changes...

I'm sure this book will clear up some of your hydraulic mysteries....
and remember, its not an install book by any means....
It basically teaches you how a system works, why things happen, how to hook up a system, all the components in a generic system, a HUGE FAQ's section, wiring, plumbing, A LOT of tips and tricks, like double switching, or various quick disconnects, testing for solenoids, helping your solenoids last longer, all about cylinder bores and gearing... the basic stuff like the difference between coil under vs coil over, all with 3D visual aid labeled and identified for the readers clarity.....

and on, and on, and on,
Hope you all pick up a copy and enjoy it and pass it on to those who may need it....

Keep scrapn'

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will you sign my copy? :biggrin: is the pic of my car still gonna be in it?
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