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like the title says, gonna juice my 73 Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance with a 2 pump 4 dump 4 accumulator setup.
i want it to just not lay frame so it sits like 1/4 inch above ground so ill be able to just roll it fully dumped.
would offcourse also like as much lift as possible so looking to do 10" cylinders in the front and 14" in the back, dont know for sure if i can make that work...
i think its best to put it on 175/70/14 or even maybe 15s. definatly need some 6" wide wheels instead of 7 for the rear cause i test fitted my homies 14x7 zeniths and it was to close...
for the springs i was thinking about 3 tons in the front and og front ones in the rear for a smoother ride but since ill be putting accumulators that dont matter so better to put like 4,5 ton coils in the front so it wont move to much when dumped to prevent me from hitting the crossmember.
just let me know your toughts and experience, wanna do this the right way cause its my first car i ever bought and still have it, cant part with it this is my baby...

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