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trailor balls as drag blocks

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i figured i'd go trailor balls as drag blocks. cheap and can replace them fast. is there a certain size or anythign i should get? also should i get 3 trailor balls , 1 each side of frame and 1 in the middle or stick with 2?
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hahahaha man when i read this i thought about my homie.i would get three but just use one thats all you will homie has one and it throws sparks real good :biggrin:
is there a certain size i should go for?
not really,i used a couple different sizes and they all seem to spark the same to me.
it just depends on how easy of a show you wanna put on,the bigger the ball the easier the show,

i wouldnt go over 2 though..
i would just drag body if i had a truck trailer balls are cheesy
how bigs a 2? and i'm going for one hell of a show from under my hearse :biggrin:
Just go to a auto parts store and ask them for a 2" Trailer Ball. My buddy used to buy a shit load from Harbor Freight.
when they were on sale.
am i better off goin to harbor i got one about 20 mins away
i used them and they didn't last more that 1 min 30 sec on a hard drag so i think that there is a better way so i went out and bought a piece of 5/8 steel plate and welded it on the bottom of my engine crossmember and then cut a few smaller pieces and welded them on the bottomof the frame
i drag crossmember now and it makes it hard to steer, so i decided to do objects. one guy on here has the blocks. 25 bucks shipped for 2 sets. i forgot how big they are though
go to a wrecking yard and get a bunch, so you have replacements.
this would be the cheapest way.
i was thinking about that a little bit ago actually
i just went out and bought all the same ones all the time and tack welded the nut on the frame then i could easly change them oout on the side of the road if need be with a pipe wrench
when i get the money my ass is off to the junkard with a pipewrench
i also hear old leafsprings are good for dragging just chop them up and weld to lowest part of frame
thats not a bad idea
im up loading a video of a night out draggin on balls. they work decent and last a decent amount of time, not no 1 min :uh: more like a month
but ill be back with a video
they are set up just like the pic i made for you
cool thx mark
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