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transmission leaking

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transmission leaking oil
I was sriving my car last nigh and noticed I was smoking a little bit. I looked under it and It looks like iam leaking tranny fluid from the tail of the tranny where the driveline goes in.

Its not pouring out but Its enough that when the drive line was turning it was throwing it on the muffler ect. I brought it home and parked I belive it is only leaking when iam driving. Dont know if its leaking more or less when lowered or raised. I have had no problems in the past but put some 14s in the rear. I do have a slip yoke and extended uppers. I rode with my 12's cylinders for a while before I got my slip yoke.

what can this be and how hard is it to fix it my self?
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take yo drive shaft out an put in a new tail shaft seal, that should take care of it an on the cheap. if that don't work you got other issues!
i know how to pull out the drive shaft how do I get this seal out and put one in.
The seal is just pressed in there. Take you a flat head screw driver and a hammer and pry up the metal lip around the seal till it comes out. Then take the new seal and get you a piece of wood so you dont damage the seal. Hammer the new seal in as flat as possible. Thats it. :)
so I got that seal changed did not look damaged bad at all. I even noticed it seemed it stop leaking all togther. So Iam wondering if I am pushin the driveline to far in to the tranny as I said I do have a slip yoke fromBMH and Iam running 14s with uppers extended about 1 1/2. Is it possible to push it in too far? What do you guys think.
you might have damaged the seal before you installed the slip yoke
The slip has alot of travel so im sure the seal was damaged previous before putting in the slip. But ur ride should be solid now.
Cool yeah I was running 12's for a while with out the yoke. Thanks guys!
so I checked the tranny fluid and it was low and added a quart next thing I know its leaking agian. I parked it on a hill to see if it was leaking when the nose is lifted up and sure thing it was coming out fase at that seal. the seal is new. is there another seal behind that one? is my drive shaft bent, should I polish the driveline part that goes in to the tranny. what do you guys think it can be?
I had the exact same problem with the Brown regal when I had it, new seal, leaks, same thing. Try a telescopic driveshaft, it should fix it. If not, the seal is being placed incorrectly, as it needs to sit in there snug.

Hope it works out for you.
I do got one bro. I paid some one to do it so Iam going to have him look at it I hope we can figure it.
Before your car had juice, the back half of the slip yoke never made contact with the seal. After you juiced it and lock it up, that rough, rusted surface meets the old seal, and they almost always need replaced. Its a good idea to pull the yoke out and take a wire cup brush on a grinder to the whole stub, and wax it up before reinstalling, while installing a new seal
Is he drive shaft balanced correctly or bad u joints....
ok I finaly got down to getting it fixed.:x: but the mechanic said the shaft that enters the tranny has been woren down and he was going to put a sleeve on it. He showed me how the new seal goes on the shaft of the driveline and is not tight at all. I did check on the u joints and the balencing its all good there. The sleeve's only about a inch so I dont think its going to work or just a bandaid. anyone do this before? should I get a new drive line? I just dont want to have to pay to havemy slipyoke removed and put on another driveline. any ideas??
have your mechanic check the tail shaft bushing its just behind the seal it should have no play when you try to move it up or down it will wear out a new seal and still look brand new.
thanks bro will do. also where in the hell do I buy a brand new front yoke and tail shaft bushing?
Dam good info
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