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<<<update on my lac>>>

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the lac is still for sale but it had a bad night

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too bad homie looked like anice least you will get some insurance loot!!then part out the car and make even more money off it!!
the thing that sucks is that they said it was my fought....

but if someone needs a parts car this is it the whole front clip is good dont or didnt have no dents alll the chrome is on it except where i got hit the odometer reads like 214.*** but it had thirteens on it for like 4 years so the motors still really strong and im prettty shure there some peices in the interior thatt are useful and alll them pics on photobucket where took just like a week ago cuz i was gonna trade it for a monte ss
on here

somebody make offer
Originally posted by two_tone_s_10@Dec 30 2008, 07:49 AM~12559306
the lac is still for sale but it had a bad night

go to link
Ouch :(
Good luck on the sale, there's always people needing parts for these. :biggrin:
ill sell it for cheap theres still lot of good parts on this car..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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