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To all the cool folks at Lay-It-Low :cool: :

Hope everyone's doin' well. Just wanted to inform you I am working hard on the new update of my website. There will be more art on the way, as well as some major additions still in progress.

For future updates, there will be also a Models area (featuring some of the sexiest models posing for various art, car & mural projects...!), an expanded Murals section and even a special Members Only space with some really good stuff :cheesy: .

If you haven't visited my website, I invite you to take a look. See below for some samples...(Note: Anyone interested in automural work in the Northern California area can contact me by email for a price quote)

To conclude, thanks for all your emails of support :biggrin: ! I really appreciate it. Peace and Long Life!


Richard ' R I C A R D O ' Santos


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