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Want to trade a york for a Vair? or electric

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I have a Your compressor that I cant use because I got rid of my truck. Im looking for someone that is interested in trading me. I want a Vair 380, but let me know what you have. THanks

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i have a 3/4 showtime compressor that i will trade you.
I've got a Viair 480 that I'd be willing to swap with you. My car's been sitting a good bit, so it's never really even been used, either.

It still works, I fired it up earlier today, infact.

Where are you at, anyway? Got any pics, too?
yeah I can get some pictures. Im located in southeastern ohio. Let me know something. Im interested in both compressors. Send me an email.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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