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We've had reports of people joining this site and contacting sellers by PM or e-mail only offering to buy whatever you are selling. The catch is that they need to send you a check for more than you're asking and then you can send them back the difference. It should be pretty obvious that it is a scam. If you go along with it you'll most likely be sent a fake money order or cashier check. Do not fall for something like this or anything else that seems even a little out of the ordinary.

Be extra cautious of anyone that has joined the forum recently and has a very low post count, especially someone that contacts you by PM and has never made a single post. If they haven't made any quality posts, they aren't going to have a reputation (good or bad) on the site and you'll have a much harder time knowing what type of person you're getting involved with.

Make sure you read through the following topic for some good advice and steps you can take to help avoid being ripped off on the internet:
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