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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh the psykallac still not

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just felt like complaining my custom chopper is almost done but theres no 24hr place where i can score clear paint. the mexican indipendence parade is tommorrow

so far the bitch part of making the 5 foot long springer fork is done but not to a T. all the painting was done a week ago wheels and tires all installed the hood ornament is mounted proudly on the front fender. i just need friggin clear to cover the forks the struts are wrapped in A/C foil.

it still needs grips and a new seat but im using spares.
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don't yall have a mijier or wal-mart up there in da Chi???
they closed at 10. i called my boy i Des plaines hes on his way with some clear
good luck buddy a do you have pics of your ride.
im almost done i painted the forks and tinned the struts ill clear the fork bars tommorrow ill ride no grips to the parade

ill get pics of this one for sure ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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