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I am currently installing brackets that wrap around the axle housing
on a GM 10 bolt rear end.

The brackets are from Competition Engineering (for a ladder bar
application) which come in 2 pieces (front bracket and rear bracket).

The 2 brackets form a circle around the rear end.

The question is this:

There seems to be around an 1/8th inch gap between the axle housing and the bracket as if the brackets are made for a bigger axle housing....

I called Competition Engineering and they told me that those brackets are made for a 3" diameter axle housing....

So are the brackets bigger in diameter because they are NOT supposed to be butted against the axle housing for welding purposes?? Is that gap supposed to be filled with welded metal?

I tried to explain this as best as I could without pictures...


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I would think that a metal to metal contact would be many times stronger than a "filled" weld...

did you actuall measure the tube diameter, and compare it to the I.D. of the ladder bars??
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