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Wet sanding

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Ok I got a car sprayed by a friend. Its a good paint job and I need to get it wet sanded.

Isnt wet sanding something i can do?
What all will I need.
How long will it take on a 4door cadi sized car.
Does it realy enhance the color that much.
what grip paper and type of compound.
Will I need a special buffer or something for use with teh compound. any help at all will be great. I am TOTALY new to this stage.
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Wet sanding is easy, buffing sucks. I usaully use 600 -800 lightly then hit with 1000-1500 then come back one more time with 2000. But if its your first time stay above the 1000 range get some 1200-1500 and some 2000. The time it depends on how good you are at it I would say a full day and you should be able to get it. Yea it makes the car look better. Compound I would get some 3m perfect it 3 its like 35 doolars or perfect it 2 is like 10 but it sucks to me. Then you will need some light or dark haze depending on if your car is light or dark. And a 3m perfect it buffing pad for the compound. And another 3m perfect it polishing pad. when your sanding you dont want to sand to much on edges because its easy to burn through. Buffing is not that hard but you can burn threw easy when holding th buffer at an angle and checking for dull spots is a bitch .

If I were you would let somebody else do it unless your planning on using the material you bought again.
also if your going to do it yourself anyways listen for any record scratching sounds...if you hear that you have dirt under your paper and your gonna screw some shit up
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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