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I did it like this...

1) removed seats
2) removed headliner
3) removed carpeting
4) removed dash
5) strip cleaned the entire interior

painted it with some random color I had extra of and sprayed road deadener down.

Made my door panels the way I wanted em. put them back in

Fabricated the dash and then put that back in.

got the seats, cleaning them up and fabricating them accordingly...

cutting and welding supports and shit to make the seats fit as I want them to.

Trying to figure out the headliner instillation + buttons deal right now

waiting on carpet and dyno-mat stuff ..

then... put the headliner in. put the floor in. bolt the seats down
and my interior will be done. "I think?"

this is probably NOT how you should do it. but I have no garage or anything so I take everything out and bring it into my house. fix it up how I want it then bring it back out only to put it back on the car. heh.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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