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it's in the shop righte now getting some minor works done (freez plugs, new carb , tune up)

but sence I have another car for a daily I wanna somthing to the interior on this car.....
the interior is all in great shape exept the headliner and fading in the plastic panels and holes in carpet (I gues it aint so goo then

but Ive never done an interior and havent used a sewiing machine 99 (8th grade home ec) and I wanna do this all my self it's gotta be simple .......

for my seats I was thinking of using a a nice fitting seat cover as a template to make some front and back covers out of simulated camel hair (either tan or grey) wraping the door panels in simulated ostrige vynal doing a false seude head liner

and what realy want for carpet is a persian rug design.....would I have to buy a couple of big rugs and cut em up?

also with the seat is thier a better way of doing cover.......they dont need a tone of detail just need to look good....or atleast not bad.......

also I'm gonna take my wedge woofer box with 3 10"s out of my marquis and put it in the wagone should I recover it in camel hair seud, or vynal ?
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