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Whats a good welder????????

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I am conteplating purchasing some welding equipment to replace sheetmetal and pans on next project car(and this would be a 58-64 impala, no the new paper thin sheetmetal thats on cars) question is, what is a good welder to do that kind a work and where do you get em and how much do they run? Remember this is only sheetmetal work, no frame reinforcing or anything.

Thanks in advance LILers

;) ;) ;)
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I use a Lincoln 135, works great for most stuff..

if youre doing panels, run gas wire, not flux core.. I just got mine t-day its good for the price. If you want something cheap to do the job thats the one. Iv been using mine to fill the 1/4 inch gaps then I shaved my rain gutters.
Also can anybody explain the different kinds of welders like arc, mig etc and the pros and cons.

thanks again
all electric welding is arc welding.... its a generic term...

Gas Metal-Arc Welding (GMAW)/ Metal Inert Gas (MIG):
technical names for wire feed

Shielded-Metal Arc Welding (SMAW):
technical name for stick welding

Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding (GTAW)/ Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG):
well, it's tig welding..

pros and cons..

mig is good for all around welding, easy and simple, versatile. has some splatter. flux core (no gas) or solid core (gas)

stick is great for heavy duty welds, and a stick welder is usually cheap. has lots of splatter and is difficult for beginners to lay a good weld.

tig welding is expensive, but provides great looking welds. is very useful for small pieces, there is no splatter. uses gas as a shielding agent.

let me know if that all makes sense to you..
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I use a unimig procraft 190 to do all my work ..

you want a mig to do you work , good for spot welding and sheet welding .
Thanks for all the help sounds like a MIG that has gas capabilities is the way to go for sheetmetal work. Anybody have recommendations of a good brand and where I can get it, model number too??????? Also from what I see you have to buy the gas seperate, what kinda gas do they run and where could I get a tank adn gas?????????
I hire my gas tank cost about $60 a year and $30 a refill the gas Is and argon-co2 mix I think ..
Do not get a flux core welder, it has no place in autobody repair, trust me I do it for a livin'. I have a small 220V lincoln. it a great little welder for the money. Mig is the only way to go. i use stargold gas.
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