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whats better

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are t sliders better than u-bars for hopping,possing ?


ohh yeah p.s can u do 3 wheel with t-sliders(i don think so :dunno: )

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Originally posted by 1ofaknd@Aug 4 2003, 05:38 PM
man you got a lot to learn. j/k wit cha ;)

u-bars for hoppin' although with the right setup you can do three wheel and side to side.

t-sliders for dancing. two motors to each=4motors-1per corner.

i use u-bars almost always cuz it's easier to fab together, although i have 1 hoppin hydro chassis with t-sliders, and it was fun while it lasted :thumbsup:
i have hade a diecast 1/24 hopper with t-sliders for 4 years the thing my opinion is way better than the u bars i dance it and hop it till it flips over it's been running good for 4 years
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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