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on my 91 marquis the clear has almost completly sunburnt of the top leave a kinda nice satin metalic silver base .. thier is more of the silver base showing on the car than the clear caoted parts........what the best way to take the clear off without damaging the paint under it?

I was already wanting a flat 2 tone paint job with either satin blue/silver or satin black/silver ........would it be a bad idea to spray a 2 tone over the exposed bas coat??

I can take pic if you dont under stand but I wanna remove the clear thats left on the lower half of the and sence I only need body work on a couple spots around my wheel wells I wanna spray the lower half of the car a satin black or satin blue....and maybe use a satin clear over the whole car.......

any help would be apreciated I'm tryna get this and my wagon looking good
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