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Originally posted by invictus@Nov 8 2003, 09:54 PM
Candy flake and metal flake?

I've always wondered. Thanks in advance.  :thumbsup:
"metal flake" was actually a brand of candy paint back in the day--just like sem and hok-----the original "flake" that was used in the 70's etc was actually made out of metal----these days the flaked used is colored mylar--"plastic"--when some refer to a flaked paint job it means that it is candy applied over a colored flaked base-----many people get this confused w/ a "metallic" paint job-----------too different types of paint----candy is transparent so you can see the base and flake underneath it---a metallic paint job has the main color as a soild paint and then usually small silver flakes mixed into the color -----they will usually sit on top of the paint----basically almost "stock" colors----

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