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I have a lowrider trike I just completed. I have a gold color sissy bar and noticed the other day, it is starting to fade. I checked the other gold parts on the bike and the knock-off has fade spots on it.
Should I replace the parts with new ones or is there a way to keep the parts from fading?

In lowrider bike cases its usualy cheaper to just replace then to redip. I would clear them next time also if you are having fade problems. Also I would find a better source for my shiznit.

I have not had any fade issues here at all. You may be getting F& R crap is why it faded.

Hey chek out the fenders we are working on they will be done in complete and ready for paint this weekend and of course for sale like all gooood lowrider items.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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