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Hey just wondering I have 2 kicker 15L7 dual 4's and was considering either

2 mtx 1501d's which should be about 3000 watts @ 2ohms or

1 autotek mx5000 which is [email protected] 2ohms

which would be better.

Oh, also 2 JBL 1200.1 I guess is also [email protected] 2 ohms!!!

I like the fact that the autotek is like 0.5 ohm stable which means at 2 ohms it should be pretty effeciant and still be flexible if I every need to play around with different ohm loads in the future!

But the 2 mtx's would be more power especially if they are under rated

Help me out with some good OPINIONS. Thanks
daily driver

2 mtx 1501d= $750 shipped
1 Autotek mx5000= $600 shipped
2 JBL 1200.1= $550 shipped
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