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The stock Set up in cutlass's suck.. 4x10's in the rear, and those tiny ass things in the dash.. They suck.. What do you guy's do..? I was thinking of going with like two componet set's, either both in the door's, or one in the door's, and one in some Kick Panel's..
For the rear Dash, i was thinking about fiberglassing the Back Deck, and putting like 4 good 4" mid's back there, with my port for my sub coming threw in the middle.. Whut have you guys seen done...?

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This is weired. My 83 Cutty has 6x9s in the rear deck, my 86 had 4x6's back there. But I know for a fact that you can throw 6x9's in either one.

For sound quality:

3-1/2's in the dash.
5.25 or 6.5's in the doors (with foam enclosures (can get foam enclosures from crutchfield))
1" tweeters in doors facing the seats.
1" treeters in the rear deck facing the back seat
4 - 5.25's in the back deck

That is my idea system. ;)

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Originally posted by Represent316@Sep 9 2003, 12:25 AM
Guess ill just have to take my cutty apart over the winter, and figure out whut im going to do.. Anyone think i could fit an 8" sub in the door..? Man, Wicked idea's are coming into my head.. I need to learn how to fiberglass!!!
Okay 3-way 8" from Cadence- Yes.
8" sub from JL,Kicker, any where else- NO

Well you can do it, but you will start to get sagging in your door panels after some time. There is alot under that door pannel that you gotta look at before you start planning. There is a soundoff competitor that wins all the big shows , named Gary Biggs I think, he used a custom enclosure where is glove box went and custom kick panels in the side

I prefer the simple method... 1 set of good components in kick panels with maximum CLEAN amplifier power and some decent 4x10 replacements run to the best of their ability for rear fill. I have a set of 6.5 mb quarts on a kicker zx460 and some kicker 4x6s in the rear of my truck.. plenty loud and clear. put some bass in the trunk and your set. quality vs qty is always preffered by me. a little tuning goes a long way... not to mention quality amplifiers
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