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Originally posted by 555 Rider@Aug 16 2005, 10:41 PM~3639692
dude u sure u doin it rite.
i had da mufukkin same problem wid da ppl not replyin 2 ma mails. i is look in2 it an it turn out i is doin da mufukkin outlook express rong an sendin da mail 2 ma mufukkin self. make sure u aint doin dat. i neva got 1 reply when i was sendin da mufukkin mail 2 myself cos i dont no wot were goin on. i thought it were da other ppl sendin my emals back 2 me an i was lookin on dere 2 c what they sayin but i only c wot i rote.  but i 4got wot i rote so it dint look wierd 2 me. i just replied an sent back anutha message an it mufukkin came back 2 me again, i got so mad i call ma homie an he come round 2 hava look. he call me a mufukka cos he see dat i is sendin da mufukkin mails 2 myself an not realizin. when i replyed i got da mufukkin reply bak in ma mailbox an i went an replyed 2 that, ]
ma mom calld me a mufukka 2 coz she had 2 lissen 2 me cursin ma computa 4 a week b4 ma homie came an helpd me. it okay now an i no how 2 do da mails, but i still dont get many replies an i get alot of ppl mailin bak an callin me a coksukka an things like dat.
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