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Why have we(america) been lowriding/rolling with switches for so long, and instead of making badass setups,(like the japs), we flip cars over and set trunks on fire?

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It gives people something to argue about.
because the cars are a dime a dozen over here. to have an impala in japan is like having a skyline here, rare. they tear up hondas and shit, we tear up g bodys. :biggrin:
that shits jus pure entertainment at the owners expenses
because most people here dont wanna put any thought into what they do, so to 'us' its better to build a car nearly identical to everyone elses, then you dont have to care when it tears up,because you really have nothing to miss.

Me, I dont do a setup like everyone else,etc, therefore, I have trouble even sellin a car I'd owned, because it was MY SETUP, MY INTERIOR, MY PAINTJOB, etc.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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