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First time post, appreciate any feedback.

So I’ve already searched through every old post but haven’t found the answer to what my issue is. So hoping someone has gone through this and may have the solution.

I recently started doing all the fab work on my 63. Removed the pan hard bar and banana bar frame brace. Using the hoppos wishbone and so far have just the rear bracket welded in place. So here’s my issue once I put the wishbone on the rear end and got everything centered under the car, the wishbone frame brackets are not long enough to reach the frame. I’m shy about 2.5-3 inches for both brackets to touch the frame. Now after I had everything in place and realized it was not long enough I started wondering why, and I remembered my trailing arms were extended. They measure about 24 7/8 from bolt to bolt. Where the originals were 23 7/8 I believe so I’m wondering if that’s what’s throwing off the wishbone. In any case that’s my dilemma but the question is how do I fix this? Make my own brackets to weld to the frame that are just longer? Cut and replace the 1 inch stud on the other side of the wishbone with a longer stud? Or move the trailing arm brackets?

any advice is much appreciated.
I work at a shop where we build mostly hot rods and street cars so I can fab almost anything just wanna hear from you guys first to see what my best option may be. I’ll get more pictures when I get back to the shop.

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