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wtb 1963 impala parts

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looking for some oem parts

1. ac parts to add ac to my car

2. tach dash trim

3. rust free hood

4. ss clutch kit to changed mine to stick in floor

5. 2 doors rust free

6 o.em. side moldings

and anything else u think id like on my impala, starting my project after 10 years
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I wish it was as easy as making a topic like this... :happysad: start clicking on topics the parts won't always come to you... I've been looking for '63 Impala parts for a while...I'll keep your list in mind...whoever has the parts that you are looking for probably already has a gotta put in some time & look:yes: ... Use the search & Good luck homie... :cool:
thanks was tryn the easy way first lol :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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