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wtb 49 through 55 bel air post

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im looking for a 49- 55 bel air 210(post) as close to arizona as possible were building a 60s gasser with a straight axle so it doesnt have to be perfect but no basket cases please but show me what you have because what might be bad to some is ok to others :thumbsup: thanx in advance
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let me see if i can get pictures my father in law has a 57 2 door post he wants to sell its in real good shape it needs to be restored but its been out of the wheather for the last 20 years i know he wants $8,000 for the car i dont know if that is out of your price or not
yea its for a customer of mine it might be too nice because he just wants 2 seats and a roll cage. i know i wouldnt do that personaly but ....thanks anyways
morning bump
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