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Hey, I need help! can someone PLEASE make me a MS paint type diagram on how to wire a Tri Mode 2 channel Amp to a Single 12" and so some rear deck 6.5s? it would be greatly appreciated ASAP, it's for my girls car (00 sentra, yea yea i know- at least she got rid of her fukin civic! lol). she wants to hook up a tri-mode pioneer amp to a single RF z-punch 12" and i have NO IDEA how to do this.


Tri-Mode Amp
2 Rear 6.5"s
Single 12" RF Z Punch.

can someone help? please?? I already know were the RCA, POWER,IGN/REM,GRND wires go, I just need help w/ speaker wiring ? doesn't have to be for a pioneer 3mode amp, use the most common tri-mode 2 channel set up or w/e.

or at least make one how to wire a 2 channel amp to a sub and 6.5s!!!

U can post it on here or email it to me at: [email protected]

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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