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I have a yamaha AW16G Digitl Recording workstation for sale. great condition. This recorder is in good working condtion.Comes with manuel.The perfect recorder for live and live-in-the-studio digital excellence at a home-studio price.

The AW16G takes state-of-the-art digital recording technology and puts it in the hands of the artist, giving you the power to take your music from concept to CD, quickly and easily. It all starts with a clear, intuitive interface that makes setup and recording a breeze. Quickly assign inputs to recording tracks with ease, thanks to the well-designed graphic display. Navigation is easy too, with dedicated buttons that let you freely switch between the functions you use most such as record and monitor modes. 8 channel inputs with 24-bit A/D conversion let you record up to 16 tracks of audio (8 simultaneously) at 16-bit resolution. In addition to the 16 basic tracks, each track can contain up to 8 virtual tracks for alternate takes, giving you unprecedented creative freedom for your music. There's even a Quick Loop sampler for making drum grooves and adding sound effects.

Once your tracks are recorded, you can mix in full 24-bit resolution, adding dynamics, parametric EQ, and powerful built-in effects to further sweeten up the sound. With the CDRW drive, you can burn CDs of your final mix without ever leaving the digital domain. When it comes to making professional-quality recordings of your music, the AW16G delivers the whole package -- except the learning curve!

$550 shipped or obo


1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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