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got it laying on the ground now.:D 3/4" off the rockers. once the stainless rockers are on, it should be more like 1/2".

i had to put my zeniths on the rear to even get the floor on, the china offset wasnt letting it go down.

my car the body has already been tubbed on the outside, but unfortunately it isnt tubbed high enough to lay this hard. so i need to decide if i should re-tub it higher. or narrow the axle. so far tubbing is the way im leaning.

the front is the same issue, the chinas are on there now, but are pressing tight on the inner fender, the z's offset should be good though, ill hopefully get those on this weekend to check.

next step is firewall panel and inner fender covers. i wasnt gonna do these till later in the build, but i thought it would prolly be a better idea to get them started with everything still in raw, rather than after i start paint prep.
881 - 890 of 890 Posts