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Okay, first, how do I regulate when it turns on or off? Do I use a pressure switch/relay just like I would with a viair compressor, and just run it all the way up to my engine?

Second, I need to make brackets for it, so it is being run by my serpentine belt?

How many CFMs does it push out @ what psi? I was going to be using it for two 10 gallon tanks.

Also, on all the ones I found on ebay, none of them looked like they had a hose with them. Where would I be able to get a hose long enough to run it from my engine to my trunk? (about 13 feet of hose needed).

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Originally posted by red_ghost@Sep 6 2005, 05:33 PM~3763680

Yes. You will use a standard pressure switch (the same as you use on an Viar or some other shit). I have an EAI 0-400 PSI adjustable pressure switch, which I purchased for around $40.00 shipped from E-Bay.

You will will run two small guage wires to your pressure switch. One will be a hot 12V power source. The other will be ran to your relay.

Click this link ...

You will find a wiring diagram labeled "1 compressor, 2 pin 'PS'" This diagram is what I used to wire up my York.


I believe that the York will push about 12 CFM at 3000 RPM. Max RPM's is 6000.

Click this link ...

This should provide you with all the information you need regarding York specifications.


You will need to buy the hardware required to run the York back to your trunk.

Click this link ...

You will find all the fittings you need to attach a hose to your York. You will need a short run of high pressure / high heat resistant hose to run directly off of the compressor. Then you will need regular dot air line the rest of the way.


Click this link.,27361).pdf

This will provide with an idea of some of the parts and pieces needed to install a york properly.


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