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You CSU later hi Hannah hey yeah hey and I I'll today we'll be talking about saw palmetto and how will not have an effect and lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia supplemental also known as Sir Honorees is indigenous to the southeastern United States and the West Indies islands %uh is also known as Palmetto shroud or cabbage palm it was a staple food for the Native Americans in the southeast was also used for medicine in the late19th century interest began to grow when it was seen to have positive effects and urinary tract problems of livestock it the saw palmetto plant produces smallwhite flowers in.
The spring in a small bury that is harvested and dried in the fall the perfect extract is thought to contain the medicinal qualities and is removed from the dried powder native Americans used to use it for impotence inflame information infertility and expectorant today it is used for benign prostatic hyperplasia natural breast enlargement infertilityhairloss it injured genetic alopecia but I’m prosthetic hyper pleasure is classified as an enlarged prostate and usually occurs in all men as they age he enlarged prostate made and press on the Richter and cause problems within the bladder in with your nation is important to note.
That PPH does not increase the risk for prostate Androx cancer 2004 sales figures were twenty million three hundred and thirty-four thousand dollars and was ranked third in the United States for herbal supplemental sales an average battle 90 pills which will last roughly three months will cost the consumer anywhere from 11 to 20 hours it is actively advertised by many brand names such as natures aid pass to set altar life plan sundown Naturals impressed care the biological aspects of saw palmetto are the little fella extract which has an anti-androgenic affect it inhibits the binding love that to androgenic receptors and the prostate can prevent accumulation of steroids which may lead to.
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